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Thank You for Joining Sligo PPN

1712050-Ben_Bulben_Co_Sligo-SligoWelcome to the new website of Sligo Public Participation Network

There was a massive response to our call to join the Sligo PPN, 280 groups!.   Thanks to everyone for taking the time to register – a list of registered groups are now posted on this website.  Plans are underway for the first plenary meeting – we will be in touch with all registered groups in the coming weeks.

What is Sligo Public Participation Network (PPN)?

The Public Participation Network is a new structure being established to create a vision for wellbeing for current and future generations in Sligo.  It will facilitate  the community sector to input into decision making by local authorities and other local policy making structures. It will be made up of community and voluntary sector groups and  is part of a new Framework for Public Participation in Local Government.  It has a statutory basis in the Local Government Reform Act 2014.

The PPN will :

  • Enable the public to take an active formal role in policy making and oversight committees of the Sligo County Council.
  • Ensure clear and transparent mechanisms for the selection of members of the local community to participate in policy making fora.
  • Improve accountability of community representatives to the wider community.
  • Ensure all members are informed about new policies being developed by the local authority and other local organisations it is represented on.
  • Be a supportive network of community and voluntary groups in County Sligo.  It will hold meetings and host election for community representatives on local policy making structures.

Community organisations and groups are now being offered the opportunity to register as a member of the County Sligo PPN.  Benefits to members include the opportunity to participate in the decision making bodies of the Council and an opportunity to influence policy from the perspective of your community organisation/group.

Among the structures that the PPN will have representatives on will be:  the Local Community Development Committee, Sligo Joint Policing Committee, Sligo County Council Strategic Policy Committees and the Sligo Peace and Reconciliation Partnership Committee.

In order to participate, all groups need to be registered with the PPN by the 17th October 2014.  The register of members of the PPN will be maintained by Sligo County Council.