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Nominations sought from Sligo PPN for Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership Board

Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership is now seeking  3  nominations from Sligo PPN to represent the Sports Linkage Group on the Board of Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership under the following sectoral interests:

Community & Voluntary (1 seat)  Criteria:  Nominated person must be a member of a community group/organisation with an interest in promoting sport/physical activity as part of its activities.
Older Adults       (1 seat) Criteria:  Representative must be an older adult (over 65) and involved in active age club or active retirement club with an interest in promoting physical activity for this sector.
People with a Disability  (1 seat) Criteria:  Nominated person must have a disability and be involved in a disability organisation promoting physical activity for people with a disability.

The Sports Linkage Group under the PPN will bring together Community and Voluntary, Older Persons groups and Disability groups with an interest in sports and physical activity in County Sligo.

Deadline for nominations is 4pm on Friday, 8th May 2015


  • If your group wishes to stay informed on the work of the Sports Linkage Group and / or make nominations to Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership you must register with the Linkage Group.          Please visit to register and follow the links.
  • If you have any queries on Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership, please contact Deidre Lavin @ 071 9161511
  • If you have any queries on the Linkage Group, nomination and election process, please contact the PPN Team @ 071 91144 26 / 29 /30


Heritage Linkage Group

The Sligo PPN Heritage Linkage Group held its first meeting on Tuesday 14th April in the Clarion Hotel.  The purpose of the meeting was to elect three candidates to the County Sligo Heritage Forum.  Over 40 groups were represented on the night, indicating the high level of interest in Sligo’s community sector in heritage matters.  Several of the candidates also addressed linkage group members, demonstrating the vast breath of the experience, knowledge and expertise in the sector.

The following candidates were elected on the night:

  1. Wendy Lyons (Highest Polling Female candidate) – Substitute *Tamlyn McHugh
  2. Martin Enright (Highest Polling Sligo Municipal District Candidate) – Substitute* Joe McDonagh
  3. Michael Breen (Highest Polling Ballymote – Tobercurry Municipal District Candidate) – Substitute* John Coleman

More Information on the Heritage Linkage Group here