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Annual Sligo Street Sleep, 30th September, Simon Week 2016

Simon Week is from 26th Sept to 2nd of October nationally and the aim of this week is to increase awareness of homelessness and associated issues in Ireland.

The Annual Sligo Street Sleep is on Fri 30th Sept  as part of Simon Week and the charity are urging business people and individuals from all walks of life to sign up today,  you must be willing to collect sponsorship as the charity rely heavily on fundraising and donations to provide vital services.  Please e mail if you are interested. You must be over 18 years to take part in the Street Sleep.  Each participant will get a certificate and go home with the satisfaction that they have helped a local cause who are assisting and supporting people who are struggling in the Sligo area.  If any local business wishes to sponsor the Street Sleep please contact the homeless charity on 087 7708865.le