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PPN Environment College Guide


Members of the Sligo PPN Environment College have come together to draft a list of questions, that community groups and individuals can consider, when looking at the Sligo County Development Plan,  and the impact that it might have on their area.

The County Development Plan sets out a plan for County Sligo for the next 8 years.

The Environmental College of Sligo PPN encourages all community organisations and others with an interest in the future development of County Sligo to make their views known by submitting to the Council their comments, observations and suggestions in relation to the Plan. Specifically, the public has the opportunity to make known their views regarding environmentally sustainable development of their County and local communities.
To assist in reviewing the Draft CDP and preparing submissions to the Council, the Environmental College has prepared a guiding document.  It suggests that communities give some consideration to the following CDP headings and make recommendations as to how, for the wellbeing of local residents and future generations, they might be addressed in an environmentally sustainable manner