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Alcohol Related Harm Profile for Sligo

Our community reps on the NW Drug and Alcohol Task Force have alerted us to the ‘Alcohol Related Harm Profile 2017’.  Key facts for Sligo include:

  • Sligo has the 4nd lowest mortality rate for alcohol related causes for all ages per 100,000 population (53.0, National 65.4) in Ireland.
  • The rate of potential years of life lost per 100,000 from selected alcohol related causes in Sligo is higher than average for males (1608) and lower than average for females (171.5) than nationally (males 1289.3 and females 377.1). Sligo ranks 7th for males and 22nd for females nationally
  • In 2014, Sligo had above average male in-patient rate per 100,000 for mental and behavioural disorders due to alcohol disease (135.7, National 74.1).

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