JPC Linkage Group

The Sligo PPN Joint Policing Committee Linkage Group held its first meeting on Wednesday 23rd September in The Sligo Park Hotel.  The purpose of the meeting was to elect six candidates to the Joint Policing Committee.  Over 20 groups were registered with the Linkage Group, indicating the high level of interest in Sligo’s community sector in policing and crime matters.  Several of the candidates also addressed linkage group members, demonstrating the vast breath of the experience, knowledge and expertise in the sector.


The following candidates were elected on the night:

  1. Vanessa Clarke
  2. David Tuffy
  3. Patrick Benson
  4. Tom McGettrick
  5. Pat Conway
  6. Alan McMenamin

Ronan Gilroy
Eddie Gillespie

*Substitutes –  Nominated delegates who were unsuccessful are deemed ‘substitute members’ in the event that the successful nominee vacates their seat over the lifetime of the Committee.

If your group wishes to stay informed on the work of the JPC, please register online at:

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