Plenary Meeting – 3rd December 2015

Sligo PPN Adopts a New Constitution at the Plenary Meeting on the 3rd December 2015

Members of Sligo Public Participation Network attended the third Plenary meeting of the PPN  on Wednesday 3rd December 2015 to liaise with Linkage Representatives, review activities so far, look to the next steps for the PPN and consider the adoption of a new constitution for the organisation.  The PPN is a network of 354 community and voluntary organisations in County Sligo. The network is coordinated by a Secretariat of eight elected members.

Following the opportunity for networking Secretariat member, Michael Kirby opened the meeting.  He outlined the work that the Secretariat had undertaken during the year and thanked members and workers for their contribution and hard work.  During the year the PPN elected 21 representatives to county wide committees and policy committees within the county council.

Gerald O Connor, Secretariat member outlined the process that the Secretariat had undertaken to develop a draft constitution.  He said “the document will be a starting point for the PPN.  If adopted, it will be open to review and amendment by members in the future.  We wanted to produce a document that will give stability to the PPN, but which will also allow it to grow and flourish as an organisation”.

Discussion on the draft constitution followed with a range of contributions offered. It was noted that all registered member groups had been invited to attend the Plenary meeting, had been circulated with a copy of the draft constitution in advance of the meeting and had been invited to submit amendments.  While it was noted that the attendance present was low (21 groups) for the purposes of considering this key item the majority present felt the matter should proceed. It was felt by many present that 15% quorum was too ambitious, given the nature of the organisation.  Following discussion, it was proposed and seconded that the draft Constitution be adopted with an amendment to reduce the quorum from 15% to 5%.  A poll was taken with a result of 20 votes for and 1 vote against.  It was agreed that the new constitution would be sent to all registered members.