Secretariat Nomination and Election Procedure

In November, eligible PPN membership groups will be invited to nominate and elect representatives onto the Sligo PPN Secretariat.

 1.  Overview of the Nomination and Election Process



2.  Nomination Procedure image002

2.1 Only groups registered with the Public Participation Network will be invited to participate in the nomination procedure and election to the Secretariat

2.2  Only groups that meet the criteria for membership of the Sligo PPN will be eligible to nominate and vote.

2.3  For the purposes of the election to the Secretariat, each PPN membership group is entitled to nominate one person for their municipal district and one person for their electoral college.

2.4  Nomination papers will be sent to each membership group, as indicated on the PPN registration form.

2.5  Only those listed as the ‘nominated person’ on the registration form for the PPN, should be nominated for the Secretariat.

2.6  Nomination forms must be fully completed, by an officer of the nominating group, to be eligible for inclusion in the election

2.7  A returning officer, selected by Sligo County Council, will decide on the validity of the nomination form and their decision is final.

2.8  Nomination forms must be submitted via ‘survey monkey’ ( a link will be sent to each PPN member) by Wednesday 19th November 2014.

2.9  Where the same person is nominated for an Electoral College and a Municipal District, they will be asked to identify which position they prefer. No candidate can contest two seats.


3. Voting Procedures image002

3.1       All fully completed nominations received by the 19th November, which are deemed eligible, will be put forward for the election

3.2       The Election will take place on Wednesday 26th November, during the first meeting of the County Plenary.

3.3       Groups may send no more than two members to the County Plenary

3.4       A set of voting papers will be issued to the person nominated to represent the group at the meeting– as indicated on the PPN registration form.

3.5       If the named representative cannot attend the meeting they can name an alternate. They must inform the PPN office of the name of the alternate by Friday 21st November. Ballot papers will only be issued to representatives who have been named in advance of the meeting.

3.6       Each eligible individual can only vote on behalf of one organisation only. If an individual is nominated to vote on behalf of another organisation they must ensure that a committee member of that organisation is present for the purposes of voting.

3.7       If it is impossible for the PPN representative to attend the meeting, they should get in contact with the PPN Unit by the 19th November and indicate that they require a postal vote.  This request will then be considered by the PPN unit.

3.8       All representatives should have a picture ID with them. (Drivers license, Passport, Student ID). When they present their ID, they will receive voting papers for their specified Municipal District and Electoral College, where appropriate.

3.9       Votes will be accepted between 8pm and 8.30pm. Counting of votes will proceed immediately thereafter

3.10       Officers will be appointed by Sligo County Council to oversee the election and count the ballot papers.

3.11    Where the number of candidates nominated equals the number of seats, these candidates will be automatically deemed elected.

3.12    Where the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats, the persons to be elected are those credited with the highest number of votes

3.13    Voting will be ‘first past the post’ – i.e. candidates with the largest amount of votes will be deemed to be elected

3.14    In the event that that a clear preference is not indicated on a ballot sheet, it will be deemed a spoiled vote and will not be counted.

3.15    Where there are two seats and both seats are not filled after the first ballot, a second ballot will be held on the night to fill the second seat.

3.16    In the event of a tie, the successful candidate will be determined by lot. The names of tied candidates will put in a hat. The first name drawn out will be deemed to be elected. If there are two seats the first two names drawn out will be deemed elected.

3.17    Nominated delegates who are unsuccessful  will be deemed ‘substitute Secretariat members’ in the event that the successful nominee resigns her or his seat over the lifetime of the Secretariat. The unsuccessful nominee with the highest number of votes will be the first substitute; the second highest number of votes will be second substitute and so on

3.18    Appeals on the secretariat nomination and election process, can be made in  writing to John Moran, SEO, County Hall, Sligo County Council by 23rd  November.

Any queries in relation to the nomination and voting process can be made to the PPN team by contacting 071-911 4426  or emailing