Meeting of the Sligo PPN Heritage Linkage Group

On Monday 8th February 2016, over 40 members of the Heritage Linkage group came together in the Clarion Hotel to discuss heritage issues and hear from experts in the area. 11202595_934151079976027_5862031407898279055_n

Outcomes from the meeting :

Presentations were given on locally led heritage partnership, LEADER funding and the Heritage Plan and the role of the Heritage Linkage group.

Michal Breen gave a presentation on the role of the Sligo PPN Heritage Linkage group, their relationship with the Sligo Heritage Forum and local policy making.  His presentation is available by clicking this link: michael breen presentation

Chris Gonley gave a presentation on the expected shape of the Local Development Strategy and LEADER funding, and how heritage groups can prepare. His presentation is available by clicking this link:   leader 2016

James Moran gave a presentation on locally led heritage partnerships and how groups can engage in this kind of working to deliver heritage outcomes. His presentation is available by clicking this link: JMoran_PPN Heritage Group_Feb2016


All groups expressed their appreciation for the evening, saw the value of coming together and sharing information and appreciated the advice given through the presentations. They learned about the need for partnership, tapping into local expertise and being funding ‘ready’.


Feedback from tables prioritised the need to generate greater awareness around heritage and the heritage plan. They felt that the linkage group was a good learning network for new and older groups. Some felt opportunities existed to link heritage to the Wild Atlantic Way ant the tourism industry to raise the profile and access more funding.


Groups need to develop further from the ground up, to enable them to be ready for funding when it arises. Difficulty in developing initiatives at a local level was expressed. Groups talked about how difficult they find grant applications and that they needed access to more expertise in developing and making grant applications. Retrospective funding is problematic for small groups.


  • The PPN Sligo can be confusing
  • Sligo IT suggested that their staff may be able to do some outreach work with local community groups to support applications – e. g. through a funding workshop
  • Leader cannot provide animation for groups that are not funding ‘ready’
Where to from here?

As a consequence of the meeting, the PPN Heritage Linkage groups reps will be bringing forward issues raised to the Heritage Forum and to the attention of the LCDC Reps (Local Community Development Committee responsible for the Local Development Committee). They have committed to holding another heritage linkage group meeting in September.  The PPN have also committed to holding a funding workshop for groups in early Summer.  The PPN heritage reps will keep groups up to date with activities through emails and by contributing the the PPN bi-annual E-Zine.  To get in touch with the PPN Heritage reps you can email them at