Strategic Policy Committees

Sligo PPN have the following representatives on the Strategic Policy Committees of Sligo County Council

SPC1 – Housing & Corporate Policy

  • Gerry O’Connor
  • Marcella Flanagan
  • Monica Reilly

SPC 2 – Environment & Infrastructure

  • Michelle McMorrow
  • Sharon Eastwood

SPC 3 – Planning, Community & Economic Development, Arts & Culture

  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Elections to fill the 2 vacancies on SPC3 are due to take place at the PPN Plenary Meeting on Thursday 19th April.

Notes & Eligibility for SPC’s

SPC Scheme 2014-2019

Sligo County Council have established Strategic Policy Committees (SPC) as required under Local Government Legislation.  The Strategic Policy Committee system is intended to give Councillors and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process from the early stages, when policy options are more flexible.

  1. The primary role of the SPC, as a Committee of the Council, is to consider matters connected with the formulation, development, monitoring and review of policy which relate to the functions of the Council and advise the Council on those matters.
  2. The Council is and remains the decision making authority, and the SPC has no remit in relation to routine operational matters in relation to the delivery of services.
  3. The work of the SPC will be supported by the relevant Director of Services and their staff. The SPC chair and Director of Services will work together to focus the work of the SPC on relevant policy issues through the organization of agendas, identification of strategic issues, supply of reports and necessary background material to inform the SPC.
  4. Relevant matters for consideration by the SPC may also be referred to the SPC at the initiative of the Council’s Corporate Policy Group or on the request of the Council.