Sports Linkage Group

The Sligo PPN Sports Linkage Group held its first meeting on Wednesday 20th May in the Glasshouse Hotel.  The purpose of the meeting was to elect three candidates to the Board of Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership.  Over 40 groups were registered with the Sports Linkage Group, indicating the high level of interest in Sligo’s community sector in sports.  Several of the candidates also addressed linkage group members, demonstrating the vast breath of the experience, knowledge and expertise in the sector.

The following candidates were elected on the night:

  1.  Michael Connolly (Community & Voluntary Sector) – Substitute * Blaithin Sweeney
  2. Mairead Connolly (People with a Disability Sector) – Substitute* John Goldrick
  3. Joe McDonagh (Older Adults Sector) – Substitute* n/a
Sports Linkage Group Candidates: L-R Blaithin Sweeney, Michael Connolly, Mairead Connolly, Joe McDonagh, John Goldrick

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Community & Voluntary Sector

Older Adult Sector

People with a Disability Sector

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